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International Day of Families, which is designated to raise awareness for social, economic and demographic processes affecting families is observed May 15th of every year as designated by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993.
The family is a very important and the most fundamental component of the society hence, the need to pay premium importance to what goes on the in this sphere. Every individual emanates from a family which in turn contributes to the proper working of the society at large.
The disorganized nature of the society can be traced to the dysfunctional elements of the family. The family is a place for bonding, experience love, sharing challenges and overcoming obstacles with the pact of helping hands that grooms the individual for such. Any form of organized human endeavor that neglects the family does so at its own peril.
The evidence of societal misfit, deviant and crime-infested youths and adults that we see today began their non- conformity to societal norms and values from the family. That is why going back to the family for proper nurturing, care, tender heartedness, decorum and decency is tracing the problem down to its roots and nipping it at the bud. This will produce the fruits desired by the society for decent, moral and forth right humans
In tandem with the annual celebration and showcasing the family as a pivotal element of the social and cohesion, the United Nations theme for this year is “Families and climate change” which aims to raise awareness about how climate change affects families and the role the families can play in climate action.
The above-mentioned theme is a call to action cutting across the gamut of education, health, gender equality, child right, work-family balance and other silent points for the wellbeing of the family. It is day to celebrate with climate- friendly ideas as a semiquinone for global stability. It is worthy to note that family is important to bring about “the change we want to see”.

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