Danbo International Schools Kaduna

Danbo Boarding School

Welcome to Danbo International boarding facility. A place where Kings and Queens are raised by professionals, with an excellent culture of care and family support parenting style. The core focus of our boarding is to provide first-class care, guidance and direction to students entrusted to our care. The goal is to nurture and culture a total child with huge character asset.

Our team of internationally trained staff on duty of care, are always available and dependable to deliver the best learning outcome, as every child in our care matters irrespective of their learning disposition. We develop in our learners, a deep culture of respect, discipline, morals, responsibility and a strong sense of spirituality as part of our crucial role that is daily demonstrated in our well-structured hostel routine. This is aimed at building responsible and reliable young adults and potential parents.

Home front leadership coaching in our boarding programme is structured to raise responsible home managers and potential leaders. This is achieved through our leadership pieces of training and skill acquisition platforms infused into the job roles of our room heads, table heads, and prefects. They are all groomed early as students, to take individual and collective responsibilities and delegate the same. The close monitoring, mentorship and supervision provided by our team of professional boarding staff, makes this achievable.

Our kitchen is managed by a seasoned food and beverage manager, in collaboration with a team of professional cooks and custodians. With the right research, we provide a balanced diet and menu, which enhances the learning abilities in a growing child.

Health Safety and security are of utmost priority to us as a caring and concerned community. Our boarding sickbay is open 24hours a day and 7 days in a week, with state of the art facilities and a team of qualified medical personnel, for prompt medical attention.

Safety and security in our boarding facility are not taken lightly. Our team of security personnel, security dogs and CCTV surveillance cameras are all deployed to protect the entire facility. Our collective resolve and aspiration in line with the school’s vision, which is to use our boarding culture, as an ideal model of a disciplined society. Our hostel is not just another accommodation for learners, but a home away from home!

The concept of parenting and hostel care rests on the fact that children have needs, and these needs must be met to protect the well-being of the child. And it is important that responsible adults and suitable structures are available to meet these needs.

There are many reasons why boarding might be an attractive option for children. It is viewed as an option for parents with busy schedules, however, the boarding experience should be seen by all as an integral part of a child’s education. It enhances independence and allows young people to make some of their own decisions.

At Danbo International boarding, there are diverse areas of a student’s education that can be taken advantage of within the boarding environment.

Learning does not stop when classroom lessons finish at the end of the school day when a student returns to boarding house, the educational programme continues, and hostel staff are conscious of the learning opportunity that exists within the boarding environment.

At Danbo Internationa Boarding School, we have: 

  • A team of professional caregivers to provide optimum care and educational opportunities. 
  • A 21st-century boarding house designed to help meet students’ academic, spiritual, moral, social, emotional and physical needs.
  • Our hostel environment is friendly, safe and secure with the state of the art facilities to accommodate, recreation, study and relaxation.
  • Well-structured routine and programmes to deliver a sense of responsibility, independence, discipline, character building and life skills. 
  • Our food menu is international and brains friendly meals, working collaboratively with the recommendation of the International Middle Year Curriculum (IMYC).
  • Housekeeping at it best is a core culture in our hostel. Prefects, room heads and table heads are groomed leaders in driving the motto of the school “High achievement for all”. 
  • Health and wellness is a significant priority for us
  • Residential Nurse available 24/7 in the hostel. 
  • Routine health seminars and enlightenment programmes, such as personal hygiene, weather change, good eating habits and other health education activities are not left out. 
  • We also have, academic intervention programmes, prep, note checking, assignment supervision, group study, Quiz, debate and educational support activities, and we can move our slow learners to top ten best in their year group. Our result is a testament to this and others.  

Finally, it is with pleasure that we look forward to receiving you to our boarding as a student or visitor. It is always a valued privilege to entrust us with the lives of young boys and girls for role- modelling, in the most conducive and secure environment. 

Our boarding facility is governed by sets of values, ethics, rules and policies. These rules clearly stipulate and dictate our expectations and values as a trusted community of highly disciplined people. Our students’ code of conduct provides a comprehensive outline of our rules, regulations and sanctions about specific behaviours.

Our policies clearly prohibits: 

  • Fighting
  • Drugs/substance abuse
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Bullying
  • Smoking
  • Stealing
  • Use of vulgar language
  • Willful destruction of school property.

A copy of the students’ code of conduct is given to every boarding student upon admission with a letter of undertaking to be signed by the prospective student and parent.

Danbo Boarding is located within 300 meters walking distance from the college premises provides accommodation for learners in primary 3-6, college and sixth form students.

These facilities include:

  • Boys hostel
  • Girls hostel
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Sickbay
  • Dining facility
  • Water facilities
  • Storage facilities (Cold & Dry)
  • Kitchen
  • Mini bakery
  • Boys/Girls salons
  • Laundry facilities
  • Public/private power facilities
  • Staff offices
  • CCTV Security coverage
  • Internet facility/resource rooms
  • Trolleys
  • Machines/Equipment

The Dormitory Mother 

The Dormitory Mother is the chief accounting and the most senior manager in our boarding facility. She supervises other staff to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the hostel. Part of her responsibility is also to promote and ensure safe and secure boarding environment for staff and students.

  Madam Alice Adetona

      (Dorm Mother)

The Senior House Parent

The senior house parent is the deputy head of the hostel. He designs and co-ordinates routine activities among boarding students and staff. his responsibility includes building boarding culture, discipline, mutual respect, basic life skills acquisition programmes in collaboration with other boarding staff.

Students life activities, learning target and outcome for academic excellence among boarders is a significant responsibility for the office of the senior house parent. The Dormitory Mother, the senior house parents and other boarding staff are all fully resident in the hostel.

MR. James Ehidiamhen

(Snr. House Parent)