Danbo International Schools Kaduna

On May 27th, 2024, Danbo International Schools celebrated its Cultural Day with great enthusiasm. The event commenced with a warm welcome from the college principal, followed by an insightful presentation by Mr. Dauda Sunday. He emphasized the significance of preserving our cultural heritage, which encompasses a broad range of aspects, including:

– Social norms and values
– Language and communication
– Customs and traditions
– Religion and spirituality
– Arts and creativity (music, dance, visual arts, literature)
– Food and cuisine
– Social and political institutions
– Technology and material culture
– Education and knowledge
– Symbolism and rituals

The highlight of the event was the vibrant cultural performances, featuring dances, royalty, and drama from across the six geopolitical zones. Notably, students were grouped by class, rather than tribe or location, promoting a spirit of unity and cross-cultural understanding. For instance, JSS 1 students showcased Yoruba culture, with a Hausa child effortlessly performing a Yoruba or Igbo dance. According to the principal, the ultimate goal is to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures, leading to a more harmonious and knowledgeable community. This initiative deserves encouragement and support for the sake of peace, justice, and unity.

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