Danbo International Schools Kaduna

Danbo International Schools PTA, implements a School Growth Initiative Project

School Growth Initiative Project
School Growth Initiative Project


The school growth initiative projects are categorized into the following projects:

  1. Scholarship for indigent students
  2. Instructional/learning materials
  3. Entrepreneurial/skill acquisition center
  4. Upgrading of Infrastructural facilities
  1. Scholarship for Indigent Students

Scholarship would be provided for indigent students. 

  1. Upgrading of Infrastructural Facilities
  • Painting of the school
  • Upgrade of school furniture (chairs and tables).
  • Replacement of leaking roof
  • Replacement of old generators across the five schools
  • Installation of inverters and solar panels in the school

  1. Instructional/Learning Materials
  • Provision of new computers to replace the old ones
  • Stocking of libraries with latest books/digital library/e-library facilities
  • Renovation and equipping of laboratories across the schools
  • Construction of Mathematics and Language lab
  • STEAM Projects to enhance project based learning across the schools
  • Upgrade of nursery and primary school playground facilities.

  1. Entrepreneurial/skill acquisition center

  Creating an Entrepreneurial Centre where the following skills will be acquired:

  • Software/hardware engineering
  • Tailoring/fashion designing
  • Hair dressing
  • Photographing
  • Event decoration
  • Carpentry
  • Cosmetics
  • Baking
  • Catering and craft practices
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