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Announcing the New Danbo International Schools Logo!


As part of the celebration to mark Danbo International Schools 40th anniversary, we are proud and excited to announce the launch of our new logo, which reflects our brand’s ongoing evolution as well as bringing the notion of community service and innovation to the forefront of our visual identity.

Our logo change is not merely for the sake of change, even though change is inevitable and something we always embrace but for entrenching and sustaining best practices in the 21st century. We hope as you read, you will understand and come to terms with the reasons why this change is important to us.

Our new logo marks a significant departure from the original logos representing each school at Danbo International Schools. It takes inspiration from everything that is currently happening inside our schools and brings us forward into the 21st century. Our priority as a school is to continue evolving and innovating our teaching/learning methodology, enhancing the teachers pedagogical skills and the commencement of the integrated curriculum which is a fusion of the Nigerian, British and American curricula in a bid to ensure that our students are offered the best experience, compete favourably with their contemporaries globally coupled with the latest technology to enhance their academic excellence.  The new logo depicts innovation and modernity with a fresh colour scheme and clear design.

The Evolution of our Logos

Danbo Nursery
Danbo Primary
Danbo Secondary
Danbo Sens

Former Whole School Logo


Our New Design Concept

After 40 years, we know that the Danbo International Schools brand would be better reflected by modernising the logo while still paying homage to all of our original logos. We deliberated and arrived at this logo, which balances all our old logos and, more so, a unified face, which depicts the intertwining connections between the various schools within our great Educational Institution.

We agreed that it was time for our logo to represent the whole school and the core values that set us apart from the rest. Our new logo still emphasises and highlights one of the schools’ essential core values: “Discipline and Knowledge.” We also continued the use of the Torched Book, which remains integral to our core identity and a key brand differentiator, as an outstanding academic school and a pacesetter.

The Shield in our new logo was adopted from our Primary school logo, representing that we are a dependable global brand. The elements contained within The Shield further highlights our mission to nurture the TOTAL CHILD to success through the focus on the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of the growing child. We use scientific processes and best practices in bringing the best in our learners, which represents our Core Objectives and Skills built on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), Global/ International mindedness and  Sports.

The Graduating Hat represents the growth and opportunities through the different sections of the schools and our success rate. Finally, the Olive Branches represent our timeless, unparalleled and evergreen achievements for over 4 decades. This touch of green adds colour and brightness to our New Logo.


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