Danbo International Schools Kaduna

The curriculum is designed to provide all students with an education that is:

  • Broad
    Providing experience in a wide range of subjects and a variety of settings, employing a range of teaching and learning styles.
  • Balanced
    Devoting an appropriate amount of time to each subject, but allowing students a degree of control over their own education.
  • Relevant
    Building upon the experiences of each individual and enabling then to make sense of the world around them so that they are able to develop confidence and independence.
  • Personalized
    Ensuring each student is provided with the experiences, challenges and support necessary to reach their potential and celebrate their achievements.

We aim to ensure that:

  • consistently high quality teaching facilitates active, independent and lifelong learning;
  • learners will be taught how to learn;
  • all activities are structured to promote excellent progress and positive outcomes for all learners;
  • all forms of achievement are celebrated and underachievement is challenged;

We aim to ensure:

  • learners are set a target for progression in all subject areas based on prior learning;
  • learners’ achievements are measured in relation to their ability and their targets;
  • learners, parents and guardians are informed of their wards progress at every week interval
  • learners are engaged in discussions about their progress throughout the academic year;
  • where a students’ progression is not in line with expectations the teacher will develop an action plan to support improved progression;
  • Where progression exceeds expectations a more challenging target and set of skill development will be put in place.