Danbo International Schools Kaduna

The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the academic, social, moral and spiritual needs of the students, and so we offer a wide range of clubs and societies in the college, and students are encouraged to participate in any, depending on their preference and aptitude.

Extra-curricular involvement is a key tool in personal development, and this plays an integral role in the collegiate experience. Students become involved not only for entertainment, social and enjoyment purpose, but most importantly gain and improve skills.

The diversified range of extra-curricular activities complement the school’s academic curriculum and aims to augment the student’s educational experience. 

Participating in these out-of-classroom activities broadens the understanding, critical thinking skills, time management, academic and intellectual competence of our students. 

Working outside of the classroom with diverse groups of individuals allows students to gain more self-confidence, autonomy and appreciation for other’s difference and similarities. 

Danbo International College offers the following Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular activities: 

  • Athletics
  • Student Government (SRC) 
  • Volunteer and service-Related activities
  • Multicultural activities 
  • The Arts: Orchestra band, Art club, Dance and Drama club, Karate club
  • Religious groups: Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS), Muslim students society (MSS) 
  • Academic and Professional organisations: Modern Science Club, Speech and Debate club,  
  • Dandopaedia/ICT club, Mathematics club, 
  • Political/Democratic club.