Danbo International Schools Kaduna

The premises at Danbo International Nursery School has an overall sense of order and cleanliness that is balanced with a sense of creativity and fun.
Our facilities include:

  • Very spacious air-conditioned age-appropriate equipped classrooms
  • Well equipped Resource Centre/ ICT room
  • A well-equipped library
  • A science room
  • A story hut.
  • Fully furnished kitchen
  • Age-appropriate toilet facilities.
  • A customized swimming pool.
  • A furnished dining hall
  • Two multipurpose halls
  • Age-appropriate toilet facilities
  • A sandpit
  • A well-equipped music studio.
  • Two safe purposely designed play areas which include a landscaped garden.

We have a lot of sensory choice and instructional materials, some of which include:

  • Materials for interactive play and learning activities
  • Equipment and space for art and creative work
  • Construction and block equipment for building
  • Puzzles and tabletop toys
  • A quiet area for rest and relaxation
  • Sufficient materials, toys and equipment available to children