Danbo International Schools Kaduna

Extra lessons; interested parents to see head teacher

  • After school club; interested parents to see head teacher
  • Training/practice; school call [school’s responsibility]
  • Parents will be informed ahead of time if your child will be waiting for such training and practice.
Parental Help/Volunteer

Parents are very welcome to contribute to the work of the school. In the interest of security all helpers are expected to wear our school visitor badge when on such assignments. We are most grateful for your offers of help.

Admission Policy

Children reach compulsory primary school age at the start of the session after their fifth birthday. We have intakes in September for pupils who will be 6 or are have their birthday during the academic year (September – August).

Admission to Danbo Primary School is automatic for children graduating from DanboNursery school. The school admits pupils transferring form other schools on the basis of vacancies.

Application Forms can be filled and submitted online or through the Admin office which is open during office hours.

Application should be accompanied with the copy of the child’s birth certificate. A nonrefundable registration fee of N5, 000( five thousand naira only) will be charged for each application. Children transferring from other schools are expected to take a placement test before being admitted into the school.

Parents are also expected to attend admission interviews with their child/children.

Admission of new pupils for a new academic session commences at the end of second term of the current school term and ends at August of that year.