Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to Danbo International Primary School. I hope to provide you with enough information about our school and show you why this is the best choice of school for your child/ward.

We are a global community of learners with over three decades of experience in working with young children to help them make the right connections and develop their full potentials.

We are located in a serene area of the southern side of Kaduna city in Nigeria and notably one of the best places where your child can comfortably get an all-inclusive education with rich programmes put together to build a “Total child”.

Our learner-centred activities address the developmental needs of children between the age bracket of 5.5years and 11.5 years.

In our school, learning experiences are developed using the International Primary Curriculum Tool kit and the Cambridge Curriculum Framework with special incorporation of cultural education and expectations spelt out in the National curriculums.

Our friendly educators go through rigorous Continuous Professional training, which equips them with current trends in child psychology and ensures pupils development and milestone. Learning styles. and differentiation are considered in each lesson plan

We see it as our pride to ensure children receive maximum care and attention at every key stage.

Parents in our school describe the relationship between teachers and their pupils as one built on Care, Respect and Love. At every school activities, staff oversee all aspects of our programmes; during lessons, activities, meal times, breaks, excursions to ensure our care, health and safety policies are visibly implemented.

Our homely hostels cater to parents outside Kaduna city. We provide a serene literacy filled accommodation for families with this need. Your child is safe with us, as we have a reputation of being a Home away from Home.

We are committed to ensuring that children placed in our care get the best education that fits favourably with their peers globally. As an A+ school, you can count on us to help any child have this excellent mindset because we never give up on any learner.

After all, Our Vision is “High Achievement for all”.