Danbo International Schools Kaduna

A range of school clubs are available for our learners. A child subscribes to one sports and one academic club. Wednesday and Thursday afternoons are set aside for clubs.

Pupils and staff participate actively. Academic departments run clubs associated with their subject, Club coordinators are Specialist teachers and also Enrichment teachers that run special clubs. School clubs include

A. Academic Clubs     

Young Scientists Club (YSC)

Cookery Kappas  

Brainy Kids/ Super Spellers Club

Art and Craft club         

Maths Club 

B. Sports Clubs     

Soccer academy  

Basketball club        

Badminton club         

Young athletes club

C. Media and Performing Art Club         

Ballet club   

Dance and Drama Club 

Digital imagery (ICT) club                         

Karate – doo club

Music Club: a large number of pupils have lessons in a wide range of musical instruments, while others study specialist singing. The school choir is a fully-fledged music club. Training and practise are done weekly