Danbo International Schools Kaduna

At Danbo International Nursery School (DINS), we implement The International Preschool Curriculum (IPC).

The International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) is aligned to meet or exceed the standards of all major education systems making it the most internationally accepted ECE (Early childhood education ) curriculum in the world.

Developed by a team of doctorate academics, the IPC is the world’s first international ECE curriculum. It is also the only ECE curriculum that meets several national standards A daily curriculum with sufficient developmentally appropriate activities for a standard academic year, upon completion the child is prepared for primary education in most national and international settings.

Designed for children aged 0-6, the IPC curriculum offers a developmentally appropriate program with cumulative assessment options. The IPC curriculum includes various thematic units which cover 6 crucial content learning areas (Language Arts, numeracy, science, creative arts, socio-Emotional and motor skills.) 51 weekly thematic units and 59 developmental milestones.

The IPC curriculum was founded with the intention of promoting cultural harmony, diversity and multilingualism through progressive and global education and all the curricula are designed to cultivate critical thinking, enhance self-awareness and promote plurality through an understanding of other cultures.

Our curriculum is a living document undergoing review and relevancy updates quarterly to reflect international best practice.

At the core of the IPC’s values is that all thematic units must be designed with a variety of play-based activities. Play-based learning has been proven through research to improve Language, literacy, social and emotional skills.

The IPC mixes an inquiry, play, thematic, and objective-based model of learning which is important in helping children understand why it is important to learn, what it is that they are learning and reflect on where they are in the learning process. Objective standards are important to accurately track progress and identify any weaknesses.

All our teachers receive compulsory vocational training which includes professionalism, safety and ECE ( Early childhood education ) methodology. This is to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of your child are observed and enforced at all time and to ensure that teachers are adequately qualified and abreast on international best practices in early childhood education so that the IPC’s curricula and rigorous academic programs are applied accurately and consistently between schools.

In addition, the IPC curriculum encourages active parental involvement, which is why every thematic unit comes with a corresponding parent newsletter. These are designed to inform parents of what is being taught in the classroom and includes several activities so that your child’s learning can continue at home.