Danbo International Schools Kaduna

At Danbo International Primary School, our Curriculum practices and opportunities are focused on the framework of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum. We integrate The IPC (International Primary Curriculum) objectives and principles as a learning manual to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the school.

Every step of the way, we give attention and provide the right interactions that build lifelong skills. We ensure each child become creative as they imagine, explore, coordinate self and environment, and apply learning to solve problems.

As a school located in Nigeria, we also integrate aspects of the Nigerian National Curriculum to achieve a balance as required by the Nigerian Ministry of education. This too is to ensure pupils learn about their national heritage through the umbrella of Global Perspective, promote better human relationship through the practice of core values, to become, effective citizenship and foster national consciousness.

Our school has been a “Family preferred school and parents have often described our learners as pupils who:

  • Think critically and get solution/ answers to problems.
  • Sort information, show interest in and talk about events around the social and print media.
  • Practice Etiquette and Decorum related to their social a d domestic environments
  • Adopt and consciously use Right table manners.
  • Aware of children’s rights and inspire others to keep rules.
  • Approach tasks with leadership mindsets
  • Manipulate digital devices with ease
  • Have developed an interest in reading books and E-Resources
  • Read, Understand, Spell and Use words in context.
  • Make clear Narration and description of any incident or event encountered.
  • Speak fluently during gatherings with appropriate use of vocabulary.
  • Practice Appropriate stage/Public Speaking Skills.
  • Stand to debate, air opinion, explain and discuss confidently.
  • Develop interest and display new skills and talents in sports.
  • Draw, colour, paint, cut and paste, construct, mould and express self creatively through various art mediums.
  • Write cursive and Pre-cursive handwriting delightfully
  • Play at least one musical instrument
  • Display proficiency in Culinary and Vocational skills
  • Set goals, stay target driven, aim to and achieve excellent scores in all subjects

Our Compulsory Skills-sets 

All curricular and Co-curricular activities are geared towards building the following skills- sets.

  •  Imagination and Creativity skill
  •  Reasoning and Critical thinking skill
  •  Communication, Oratory and public speaking 
  •  Emotional, Environmental Coordination and Interpersonal skills
  •  Enquiry and Problem-solving skills