Hello to you. Welcome to Danbo International Primary School. We are a global community of learners interested in building and producing young children that can represent themselves and families. Our pupils are between the age bracket of 5years and 12years.

We believe strongly that, every child can learn and become a notable person hence our Vision: " High Achievement for All".

Our Curriculum practices and engagement opportunities are hinged on the Principles and Objectives of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, using the International Primary Curriculum as our Learning Tool Kit.

Daily, we implement schemes and Personal Social education interactions that enable each of our pupils to internalize and synthesize what they discuss, touch, see and Practice.

Our parents and customer testify of the excellent level of decorum, etiquettes collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creative Skills displayed by their children. All these come to be because each child is given the appropriate attention by our skilled and well trained educators who always ensures the child's emotional as well as intellectual needs are nourished in an emotionally safe and Non-Discrimatory environment.

Danbo International Schools
Head Teacher
Danbo International Schools

The focus of all our Educational Practices is the Child's learning so every contact is packaged with information that will empower the child to build awareness and develop his or her Knowledge, Skills and Understanding.

Danbo International Schools

We see every child as an individual worthy of respect, care and love.

Indeed children that enroll in our school come to us with various levels of personal prognosis but we always groom them with love, discipline and knowledge to become achievers -using our easy to climb active participatory learning scaffolds we get them to climb, master and successfully display excellence in their journey of life long learning.

Why Choose Us?

Why your child will benefit from learning at Danbo Primary School
Danbo International Schools

Over 38 Years nurturing and supporting child's cognitive, affecting and psycho-motor needs in order to achieve all round success

Danbo International Schools

State of art facilities, conducive hostel accommodation, resource center/computer room, swimming pool, multipurpose hall, music studio, standard science laboratories e.tc.

Danbo International Schools

Our Curriculum practices and engagement opportunities are hinged on the Principles and Objectives of the Cambridge Primary Curriculum


our academic approach inspires each child’s inherent love of learning in a fun and energetic environment. Students graduate from Danbo Nursery with a broad range of skills designed to ensure they lead meaningful lives into the future.