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Danbo international school, Kaduna is situated in a low density area of Barnawa G.R.A, Kaduna South. The School started on the 21st of March, 1981, on a temporary site at Coronation crescent, Kaduna North, as a nursery school called effective nursery school, the name was later changed to Danbo International School

In 1993, the primary section started as a request from parents. The school then moved to her permanent site, in september 1986. in 1992, the secondary arm of the school took off again as a result of pressure from parents

Now, Danbo International School consists of five sections. The nursery, Primary, Secondary, Special Education Needs School(SENS) and the Sixth form sections. Each of these is autonomous on its own headed by the Nursery head, Primary head, Principal, Head of SENS and head of sixth form respectively and coordinated by the administrator of the school. The school now boasts of over 1000 students and several blocks of building, including an ultra modern boarding facilities for primary and secondary boarding students

Danbo is a private secular school, it is self supporting and managed by a board of directors. we have over 200 management, teaching and supporting staffs


As an international school, we respond to the changing needs of our pupils with a view to cover and excel in London cambridge examination, GCE, SAT and TOEL


We are a global community of learners interested in building and producing young children that can represent themselves and families.


we have a proven track record of nurturing kids into independence. Our children are happy; they feel safe and secure at all times


A school that offers different and alternative pathways to higher education, where A-Level programmes such as the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMB), Cambridge, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and remedial are offered

Special Education Needs

Danbo special education needs school started as a pastoral school with the aim of helping slow learners who could not cope with main stream. The school has made a tremendous impact and added value to the lives of many children who passed through the four walls of DSENS


Higher Acheivement For All

  • To implement in a dedicated way, the Nigerian National Policy on Education (NPE)
  • To provide an opportunity for qualified young people of all classes and backgrounds to develop into a united community
  • To train youth to become leaders on National and Institutional Level, by attending to moral integrity, a commitment to justice and becoming “men and women for others” growth in responsible use of freedom and applying ethical approaches to institutions

    Danbo International School Kaduna aims to provide a structured, purposeful and caring learning environment for all its pupils, within which each girl or boy can feel confident to explore, develop and realise his or her full potential

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