Danbo Nursery School Kaduna High Achievement For All


With over three decades of outstanding right practices, we have a proven track record of nurturing kids into independence. Our children are happy; they feel safe and secure at all times We offer a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which a culture of intrepidness can flourish, allowing Danbo children to be brave and adventurous as they learn and grow.

Joyce Nyam (Mrs)

Head Teacher

The Danbo Way...

At Danbo, our priority is the happiness of our pupils. We want every child to feel safe and secure and endeavour to create a caring, supportive environment that enables each individual to develop and shine.

Our Curriculum...

Our curriculum the “IPC” (International Preschool Curriculum) caters for children’s development from birth to the end of the Reception year(0 - 6 years).

It enables our learners to be challenged at just the right level for them so that they are fully engaged and develop a love for learning, whatever their educational preferences and needs. The curriculum allows our learners to explore and express their learning using the marvelous resources and technology available to them at DINS. We Follow the IPC themes to provide learning full of activities, and real-life experiences that motivate children and provide a solid base for their future learning and development in all the key learning areas.

First Steps.....

When a child steps through our doors we aim to take them on an exhilarating journey of learning, growth and discovery. Every child is a unique individual who just needs to be exposed to an endless world of knowledge and possibilities.


Our greatest natural resource is the mind of our children, bringing them to the right environment, to the right people and trusted hands inculcating the right values into their minds at a tender age is our calling. We cater for children between 8 weeks to 12months. Our Teaching Method is designed to build upon the individual skills and knowledge that will be required in the pre-school and kindergarten years. We make sure that we make the most of each child’s learning potentials.

Danbo International Schools

The Danbo Way...

At Danbo, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child, challenge them to reach their potential, and encourage them to become confident decision-makers who are prepared to take risks and explore independence.


our after school service is a” home away from home”. Where the children are well cared for and nurtured. We engage them in lots of extra-curricular and soft skills activities and also feed them in a homely atmosphere


Very spacious air conditioned age appropriate resource class rooms. Resource Centre/computer room, a story hut, swimming pool, dinning, multipurpose halls, sand pit, Music studio ,Lots of sensory choice and instructional materials.


Our extra-curricular activities are designed to develop the mind and motor skills of our learners; they include; swimming, indoor and outdoor games, music and dance.


Teachers are here to inspire, to guide, to encourage...

Exceptional staff are the most important ingredient in the process of developing a child into an inspired lifelong learner

All Early Year classes are taught by fully qualified early years practitioners and at least one experienced Teaching Assistant

Danbo International Schools


our academic approach inspires each child’s inherent love of learning in a fun and energetic environment. Students graduate from Danbo Nursery with a broad range of skills designed to ensure they lead meaningful lives into the future.